Talking to the Night

I’m smart enough to know that i don’t know anything about anything.

Yes, there is wisdom in this, but it is an empty comfort.
Wisdom through ignorance – What a concept.
It’s very American.

Among the things of which I can make little sense are the fascination with pornography and why grown people need an invisible man in the sky to look out for them.

If I’m hungry I don’t look at pictures/watch videos of people eating and after reading the first few chapters of Genesis I’m not sure we want this dude on our side.

I am a hedonist with a conscience.
I live to enjoy myself and then feel guilty about consequences. I am my own wet blanket.

I am a war zone of conflicting ideals, ideas, and emotions.

I am the result of god talking in his sleep.
A cosmic accident.
A universal pun.

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